The journey of BY.WUZZY began with an awareness of the fashion industry's environmental impact, leading to a passion for up-cycling garments. Beyond innovative design, up-cycling symbolised a commitment to reshaping the industry towards sustainability. Exploration of working conditions in mass garment production factories revealed interconnected social and economic facets of fashion.

Key Commitments

  1. Catalyze a cultural shift in fashion production.
  2. Incorporate vintage/recycled garments for fabric waste reduction.
  3. Craft timeless designs from durable materials.

Emphasis on Garments and Crafters: Prioritising the well-being of those involved in crafting garments is central, acknowledging the evolving nature of priorities as the business grows.

Innovation, Diversity, and Resistance in Action: Incorporating groundbreaking textile innovation from companies like Evrnu to transform discarded clothing into circular fabric. Addressing environmental challenges in Nigeria by transitioning to solar energy. Establishing a system for customers to revisit and reimagine purchased items, contributing to a circular economy.

Overall Commitment: Unwavering commitment to innovative practices, sustained growth, and contributing to a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

Wuzzy Omiyale

After graduating from London College of Fashion in 2019. It gave me an opportunity to tap into what my interests, which has always been denim. I have been cutting and reworking the clothes in my closet to create new looks for as long as I can remember, so this is the natural step for me to bring my ideas to life.
As the world is changing it is important to stay conscious and implement sustainability into your life, so having a brand that pushes that is a necessity.